We can create cinematographic clips for any type of business. This is done by us creating cinematographic clips of your buildings, events, gatherings, all to bring the focus on everything you work hard to show.



Realtors can give clients an entire continuous video of the entire property and how everything connects. You can now show the garage and shed in one video...even though they are a half mile apart.

Special Events

Are you hosting a marathon, show, or even a graduation? Weather you want a memory to live on or to improve returning costumers, aerial cinematography can provide an eye catching display for your event.

More Than Just A Video

Aerial Cinematography is not just a video; it's  your video. This is a video that gives the best impression of your work. So why would you trust anybody else. We offer the not only the best angle, but the best editing using world-class software.

Is Raptor Imaging For Me

Many Aerial Cinematographers are only pilots. At Raptor Imaging, our pilots are the artist who edits the film. We work with you to provide the creative imaging before we take flight. This allows us to provide you with a piece of work that you, and us, are proud of.

Sportsmans Bar

Next Steps...

The next step is to contact us and figure out what we can do for you!